Fabrication of 3D nanostructures with an accuracy of 0.2 µm in different materials

TOWA is always developing new technologies in order to meet customers’ requirements in the area of ultra-precision manufacturing.

Since the last few years TOWA noticed requirements for applying complex 3D nanostructures in different materials. Through molding, micro-milling and micro-grinding TOWA is able to apply 3D nanostructures with an accuracy of 0.2 µm in a processing area of maximum 450mm x 450mm in various materials. The nanostructures are often required for medical instruments, optical, fibers, polymer MEMS, molds for nano-imprinting and optical lenses.

An application example of an optical lens is a micro lens array which is used for head up displays for cars. The dashboard information is projected in to the micro lens array which will reflect the dashboard information on the windshield.

Examples of 3D nanostructures

Micro Grooves

V Groove


Nano Groove

Micro Lens Array

Triangular bit

Square bit


Micro Prisms

Spherical lens

Fresnel lens

Polymer MEMS

Pillar pattern

Dot pattern

Micro-mirror device


TOWA Micro-Fabrication Introduction

Nickel plating, copper-based materials, iron-based materials, glass molding compound, acrylic, polymer materials and many types of plastics.

Please contact us for more information regarding the applicable materials.

Electro Forming Reproduction Technique
Significant cost reduction by reproducing ultra-precision structures TOWA is able to reproduce ultra-precision structures by electro forming to reduce production and time and cost.

Processing example:
Processing time master mold: 700 hours
Processing time to reproduce the master mold with electro forming technique: 24 hours

This technique reduces the processing time almost to 1/30 of the original production time.

More information
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