Our CBN taper end mills for stamping feature high precision and a long life-span. A regrinding service is also available.
Fine machining tools that can be used for stamping and other purposes are included in the standard lineup.


  • High Precision and Long Life-span
  • Regrinding Service for CBN End Mill and Custom-Made Products
  • Reduction of Man-Hours Enabled by Multiple Blades
  • CBN End Mills Intended Exclusively for Lapping

CBN Taper End Mills
Code No. Blade Type Tip diameter Angle Effective length Blade length Neck taper angle Shank diameter Underhead diameter Total length
TNWZ0050020001 2 H0.05W40 0.05 40° 0.7 0.7 15° 4 0.6 50
TNWZ0100020001 H0.1W40 0.1 0.68