TOWA meets the most advanced requirements with its flexible ideas and creativity based on TOWA’s “High Knowledge Technology”. TOWA, as an Equipment Manufacturer advancing together with evolving semiconductor industry, meets the advanced needs by intelligent innovation with its flexible ideas and creativity.

Service, spare parts and Tooling
The relationship with our customers is characterized by close partnership and reliability on all levels. Keeping in mind that our success is closely linked to the success of our partners, we adjust our services to meet their individual needs. TOWA Europe’s customer service therefore goes beyond delivery and installation of delivered equipment. After Sales support is also about getting a quick response and quick delivery of required spare parts, tools and services – a crucial factor in the semiconductor industry. Therefore, we have a dedicated After Sales organization with experienced engineers and a Spare Parts & Tooling department, located in our office in Duiven, The Netherlands.

Short response time and reliable service ensure the best possible support.

For TOWA’s latest series of molding systems available. Feel free to take a look at the solutions TOWA can offer you.

And for TOWA’s latest series of singulation systems available. Feel free to take a look at the solutions TOWA can offer you.

Regarding consumables for the molding process TOWA can supply you with release film.
All details about the TOWA release film portfolio available to you can be found here.